Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Capoeira Kicks : Martelo

Here's about Martelo kicks.

A Martelo is a type of kick as practiced in Capoeira. The martelo, which literally means "hammer" can be described as a roundhouse kick. In generic terms, it is a strike with the instep, the lower part of the shin, or the shin itself, against the opponent's body; the most common being the temple of the head. The most common forms of the Martelo include:

* Martelo-em-Pé

This is the most common martelo seen in Regional/Contemporânea rodas. There are many ways of beginning the kick. Capoeira's emphasis on utilizing a kick from anywhere at anytime can have the martelo begin with rear leg rising up as the knee is driven up and forward. Other ways can be from the ginga or jumping from the rear leg and turning the front leg into the kicking one. The martelo em pé has the kicking leg rising with the knee and turning inward toward the kicking surface. The leg is this snapped towards the head and returned back to the knee returning to the ground. Emphasis is placed on speed and deception rather than knockout. Even with this precaution knockouts can and will occur due to the weight and sheer force of the leg.

* Martelo-do-Chão
Martelo from the Floor. It can be delivered upward from a lower position usually right before a rolé while in esquiva baixa or downward going into a queda de rins. With one hand on the ground the capoeirista lifts his kicking leg up spinning it towards the other player. Has the look of a meia lua de compasso in reverse.

* Martelo Rotado

A spinning martelo. It resembles the Teh Tud of Muay Thai more because it is usually delivered from the back leg with the thigh and foot facing inward before they are fully extended. Control is sacrificed for power and speed as the leg does not stop, but follows through in a full rotation of the hips.
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